AP Summer Institute

Hosted at St. Johnsbury Academy

Visible Sessions:    July 10 July 17 July 24

European History

Session 1: James Kirkcaldy

Session 2: Lenore Schneider

Session 3: Not Offered

For Experienced and New teachers. Major changes in the AP European History exam! The main focus will be on the new changes in the structure of the course as well in the new exam. The workshop will also concentrate on teaching strategies, core concepts, recent historiography, alternative assessments, and t grading the A.P. exam – all designed to reflect the new changes in the course. The workshop is also designed to share and discuss student centered teaching strategies and activities. Participants will receive numerous PowerPoint’s, and ancillary teaching materials and readings as well the instructor’s 250-page workbook

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US History

Session 1: Jerry Desmarais

Session 2: Tracey Wilson

Session 3: Tracey Wilson

This workshop is designed for both new and experienced teachers and will focus on the recently redesigned AP US History course and exam. The new curriculum framework establishes a specific set of historical thinking skills and thematic learning objectives which helps teachers organize the content starting in 1491 and ending in the present. The workshop will explore best practices for bringing together skills, themes, and content in the classroom and will provide opportunities for participants to work with peers, share ideas, lessons, and best practices. Teachers will learn how they have more freedom to develop courses that challenge their students in their schools.

In addition, the exam includes a new style of multiple choice questions, short answers, a long essay, and a document-based question. Released exam items will be available as models for participants who will design appropriate lessons using their own instructional materials. Participants may also adapt or create course syllabi that reflect the new course design.

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World History

Session 1: Lenore Schneider

Session 2: Not Offered

Session 3: Deborah Johnston

The institute will provide participants with an overview of the course including content, skills, and AP strategies. We will review the new course changes, as well as work to develop materials on teaching the historical thinking skills. Both instructors believe that AP world history is best taught through interactive strategies so participants will be actively engaged in doing world history during the institute through discussions, simulations and group activities, similar to what you might choose to do in your classroom. They will share world history content and resources, as well as model lesson plans. Working with AP sample essays, the session will discuss effective teaching techniques for AP essay writing and for AP test-taking. In addition, they will provide tips on how to add new case studies that address less well known topics and challenging subject matter from the required curriculum frameworks to your courses in time efficient ways.

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