AP Summer Institute

Hosted at St. Johnsbury Academy

Visible Sessions:    July 10 July 17 July 24

Comparative Government and Politics

Session 1: Karen Waples

Session 2: Not Offered

Session 3: Not Offered

AP Comparative Government and Politics prepares students to become citizens in an increasingly interconnected world. It focuses upon important themes and concepts, including globalization and democratization. Specific case studies include the United Kingdom, the European Union, Russia, the People’s Republic of China, Mexico, Iran, and Nigeria. Cross-country comparisons are made throughout the course. Perhaps more than any other AP course, AP Comparative Government and Politics enables students to analyze world events and broaden their perspectives.

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US Government and Politics

Session 1: Not Offered

Session 2: Karen Waples

Session 3: Not Offered

AP United States Government and Politics is an exciting course for both teachers and students. This summer institute course is designed to give new teachers a place to start and to help experienced teachers expand, refine and improve their current courses. We will analyze each unit, discuss the important information and concepts, and consider how to best approach the textbook and cover recent developments. Participants will review textbooks and selection criteria (this will include free preview textbooks and other materials) and other resources, including internet sites, supplemental readers, and review guides. In addition, we will review the course curriculum and examine how the AP exam is scored. We will learn tips for improving student performance on multiple-choice questions and practice scoring the 2014 free response questions. Teachers will be provided with teaching materials, including lectures, discussions, simulations, student research projects and current events projects.

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