AP Summer Institute

Hosted at St. Johnsbury Academy

Visible Sessions:    July 8 July 15 July 22

Comparative Government and Politics

Session 1: Karen Waples

Session 2: Not Offered

Session 3: Not Offered

AP Comparative Government and Politics prepares students to become citizens in an increasingly interconnected world. It focuses upon important themes and concepts, including globalization and democratization. Specific case studies include the United Kingdom, the European Union, Russia, the People’s Republic of China, Mexico, Iran, and Nigeria. Cross-country comparisons are made throughout the course. Perhaps more than any other AP course, AP Comparative Government and Politics enables students to analyze world events and broaden their perspectives.

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US Government and Politics

Session 1: Not Offered

Session 2: Rachael Ryan

Session 3: Erica Bookman

This course is designed to prepare you to teach the new AP US Government & Politics curriculum launching in the fall of 2018. The course is designed for both new and experienced teachers of AP U.S. Government and Politics. The class focuses on development of AP Government content knowledge, pedagogy, and strategies to reach diverse learners. The instructor will teach content and demonstrate how to implement student centered lessons including socratic seminars and project based learning models. We will review and discuss textbooks an useful multimedia resources to support teaching the AP course. We will look at past examinations and sample student responses, and work collaboratively to create and develop effective new lesson plans for use in the AP classroom. All teachers will have time to prepare and submit syllabi required for the AP Audit of 2018. A laptop or tablet is strongly recommended for use in class.

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