AP Summer Institute

Hosted at St. Johnsbury Academy

Visible Sessions:    July 8 July 15 July 22

Art History

July 22
Yu Bong Ko

Session 1: Not Offered

Session 2: Not Offered

Session 3: Yu Bong Ko

Throughout the week, we will place special focus on topics of immediate concern related to preparing and teaching the redesigned AP Art History curriculum, while reflecting on the lessons learned and the road ahead for maximizing student success. Topics include: how to better pace the teaching of the course; balancing depth of knowledge and breadth in content coverage; improving student’s critical thinking, reading, writing, and note-taking skills; demystifying the AP exam scoring and accessing practice questions; strategies for creating a learner active and fun classroom; resources for teaching individual works of art in the 10 course content areas; incorporating digital technology infused and multimedia classroom; revising the course syllabus (and submitting a syllabus for the AP Audit).

Participants will have ample opportunities to acquire and share best teaching practices and walk away with practical materials and strategies to immediately promote active student-centered learning in the classroom, including ways to enhance visual literacy: how to help students develop skills in looking at, thinking about and communicating ideas about works of art. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop to receive and work with valuable handouts that are in electronic format, such as on a flash drive.

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Art Studio

Session 1: Joann Winkler

Session 2: Joann Winkler

Session 3: Not Offered

This course provides an overview of the content of the AP Studio Art portfolios in Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, and Three-Dimensional Design. A variety of course structures will be considered and issues in drawing, 2D and 3D design, color, sculpture, and painting will be addressed in depth. Participants will work toward a course outline for their own AP Program* courses and will, through simulated grading of sample portfolios, become familiar with grading standards and procedures. Attention will also be given to the preparation of artwork as well as the digital submission of the portfolio. Participants will leave with several textbooks and cloud access to all the handouts and generated materials. There will be homework each night culminating in an exhibit of participant artwork. Bring cameras to document the process and the exhibit.

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